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Tunnel Vision David Henner Aug 08

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A company contacted me today and told me they are in stealth mode. After looking at the founder's background he was in stealth mode for FIVE YEARS! If you are in stealth mode for more the 6 months I have my doubts but over a year starts to raise red flags.

Either the idea is too hard to implement or you aren't dedicated or maybe you just aren't as good as you think. I don't know what the problem could be but I'm sure you have excuses. That should signal to change.

Change the idea?

Change your effort (none or more effort)?

Change your career?

Just maybe talking about the idea to others rather than fearing feedback from people might help. I've actually seen more companies hurt because they don't communicate their "brilliant" vs staying in stealth mode.

So please people, get a clue. Even if you have a great idea that is exciting, your idea is too hard or too boring or not a good enough idea from the perspective of another entrepreneur. People are too busy with their own idea to steal your idea. Tunnel vision is why you love your idea and it is also the reason nobody wants to steal your idea.

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