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Stripe Commerce && RoR ecommerce 2.0 David Henner Jun 30

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Today I am releasing stripe_commerce. This is basically ror_ecommerce forked to use stripe. It also has added functionality of handling subscriptions in the cart.

This is 100% production ready. A simple flag in config/settings/*.rb will allow you to go from a "signup period" to "Pre-Orders" to take full orders.

Generally you can follow ror_ecommerce's documentation. Added features include:

  • Each variant can have their own specific
  • Return process works in development with stripe's sandbox
  • Subscription can be purchased in the cart with normal products
  • UI works well with a responsive design for mobile
  • Software switch for "Signup Period", "PreOrders", & "Orders"

I am asking for a $250/year fee for production use of this software. I am using the honor system. I spent many hours getting this software working and trust this is a minimal price. Feel free modify the code for your own use but leave the license and please honor the fee.


RoR ecommerce 2.0

With the new release of rails 4.0, ror_ecommerce has moved to 2.0. The biggest update is the use of strong parameters. Many small changes were made to get this working with Rails 4. Please see the previous blog post for more details.

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