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RoR ecommerce progress report David Henner Feb 04

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Its been about two year since ror_ecommerce has been open sourced. Since then I've had the joy of helping and getting help from many developers and business folks. Luckily the biggest near-term challenge is determining when we call ror_ecommerce 2.0. Given that the software changes in small pieces no single change will be large enough to label as 2.0. Adding a major amount of documentation might actually be the trigger more than just software itself.

Currently, the software is solidifying and instead of feature building the focus is on cleaning older code up. Fortunately many of the models have 50 or 60 lines of documentation before you start diving into real code. Unfortunately that documentation is not picked up by the YARDocs. I've found having the docs live in the code is most likely the best way to document everything. However the goal is to eventually have a documentation page much like stripe's documents. It won't be easy to maintain but the payoff for developers will most certainly be worth it.

The current things on the top of the ToDo list include:

  • Documentation
  • Referrals
  • Reports
  • Cleaning up the code
  • Making a multi-tenant version of ror-e

Don't forget to check out the demo.

  • Username =
  • Password = test123

I'd love to hear some feedback about features and the direction of the project. I can't guarantee we will work on your specific "wish" but ask and you might be surprised.

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