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ror_ecommerce 1.0 David Henner Feb 15

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It's been almost 2 years that I started a project that I thought would take me a few months. At the time I wanted to create an e-commerce project that would be simple for a rails developer to begin an e-commerce project from. I was actually envisioning an SOA architecture. Once I realized the difficulty to get an average developer up and running I abandoned the SOA approach.

Now it's time to call the project 1.0. I actually tagged 1.0.rc some time ago and then Rails 3.2 came out and I needed to upgrade and allow some time to pass before I gave the approval for 1.0.

First I would like to personally thank all the contributors.

  • Dean Perry
  • Denis Peplin
  • João Martins
  • Moses Song
  • Nelson Hernandez
  • Nick Jain
  • Oren Golan
  • Torsten Rüger
  • Vladimir Melnick
  • Yury Velikanau

Contributors mean so much to open source. The project would not be worth the effort without you. It's amazing to get feedback from people and the first pull request was the best Christmas Present.

Now the project is in a state that it can be used as a great platform for e-commerce applications. I have even used rorecommerce for apps that were not e-commerce but had an e-commerce element. Rorecommerce gave me all the authentication and general things I normally add anyways so I found this approach worked great.

New Goals

My feeling the following are on my near term additions:

  • Admin UI will get more attention
  • Documentation (specifically more
  • details why each model was
  • architected the way it was) Theming
  • capabilities. Mass importing ofproducts / images Create
  • Engines for (Surveys / Blog / ... )

Still further down the road:

  • Point of sale capabilities (maybe merchantOS)
  • Store for developers to sell their own engines.

One last note:

I just added a demo site. This should help people evaluate the project. Take a look... I have not setup but you should get a good idea of what's inside the project.

login: password: test123


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